Introduction to iYU: Revolutionizing Stablecoins and Yield Generation in DeFi

iYU Finance Protocol stands as an advanced decentralized platform, striving to bring stability to the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency. Its core functionality revolves around Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), prominently featuring ETH and other supported ETH proof-of-stake LSTs.

Revolutionizing Stablecoins: Unveiling iUSD and piYU

The primary mission of iYU Finance is to pioneer an interest-bearing stablecoin, iUSD, characterized by its commitment to security, decentralization, and delivering tangible yield to holders. This vision is realized through an innovative protocol structure that enables users to mint iUSD by depositing ETH and other supported LSTs as collateral.

In tandem with iUSD, iYU Finance introduces an Omnichain variant known as piUSD (pegged iUSD), unlocking broader utility for DeFi applications and facilitating seamless conversion between iUSD and piUSD at a 1:1 ratio.

Innovative DeFi Yield Generation

iYU Protocol distinguishes itself by offering users the unique opportunity to generate a consistent income through real yield. By depositing ETH or rebase LSTs, minting iUSD against these assets, users can anticipate earning approximately 8% on their iUSD holdings. This income is derived from the Liquid Staking Token income generated by the collateral, converted to iUSD through the protocol, and distributed to iUSD holders. Furthermore, the introduction of piUSD enables users to continue earning yield on their iUSD even during active transactions.

Expanded Collateral Support with iYU Finance

iYU Finance is engineered to support a diverse range of LSTs as collateral, providing enhanced flexibility and choice for iUSD users and borrowers. The autonomous nature of the iYU Finance DAO grants further control over supported assets. Following the results of DAO proposals and votes, the iUSD Contract Admin can adjust the roster of supported assets in alignment with governance outcomes. This adaptability ensures iUSD remains at the forefront of the evolving DeFi landscape, with an unwavering commitment to protocol safety and stability.

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